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Mytric Tutorial

Our tutorial come with details explanation, step and even case study to make sure you can completely know how to use Mytric. Kindly scroll down and click our guidance collection for full introduction.

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Mytric Indicators Collection

What is Mytric Indicators?

Dt Smart Trend.png

Dt Smart Trend


Bull Bear Momentum (BBM)

Mytric Tutorial Banker Chips

Banker Chips Turnover & Divergence Index


Market Dashboard (Mytric)


Financial Intelligent Evaluation (FIE)

How to Make Profit

Golden Rules 01 -Mid/Short-term Trading

Golden Rules 02 -Spot Super-Bull In Advanced

Golden Rules 03 -Absolute Retracement Position

Setup & Installation Guide

How to Install Mytric Indicator

How to Setup Automated Alert

TradingView ID.png

How to Find and Upload TradingView ID to your account

How to Make Profit
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