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Financial Intelligent Evaluation📊


Financial Algorithm is a system to help investors quickly understand company's fundamentals, and judge the company type based on their financial condition.

All evaluation from the system is the result of combination with Balancing Calculation and Company Historical Financial Data(Financial Report) by using over than 30 financial ratios.

This indicator are classified into 5 level (Very Weak, Weak, Moderate, Good, Excellent).

Full Introduction

Advantages of Financial Algorithm📑

  • By combining and calculating company's latest 4 quarterly report, provide rating to help investor quickly know about company's fundamentals and financial performance.

  • Able to identify company have what kind of strength, weakness, chance and threat. For instance, according to current economic situation, is it an advantages or a threat for a company, investor can identify it via Financial Algorithm.

  • Able to identify which company have better business management by keep following the company rating, observe the improvement level of company's.


  • When notice there are not improvement on a company's fundamentals or financial performance which is profitable without further developing, it usually reveals company are lack of management capability to generate more value and unable to fully utilise its profit, reinvest and expanding its business to become more competitive. 

  • Sometimes this kind of company may be suspected accounting fraud.


  • Avoid investing in companies suspected of financial fraud.

  • To quickly understanding company's fundamental and financial structure.

  • Able to analyze whether the company build profit after it is used to optimize the company's internal


You can configure the following attributes of the display:

  • Table position on your chart🔎

  • The size and colour of text💬

  • Language between English and Chinese🌐

  • Rating bar chart colour📊

  • On / Off Statement Review Helper Function🔖

  • On / Off 3 Years Evaluation Function📖

  • On / Off Basic Information🧾

  • Full descriptions of each evaluation and content are included in the setting📑


  • When changing the indicator's inputs, allow around 20 seconds calculation for the change to be reflected in the display.

  • This system only able to evaluate non-financial industry.

  • This system is based on company's historical financial report data to generate the results and rating, it does not includes prediction from any external factor.

  • External Factor: Business Model, Business Distribution & Geography, Corporate Structure, Competitor and Peer company's, Prospect, Costing Breakdown, Disaster and etc

  • Any results calculated by this system all is based on data provided by Tradingview, Data may have some tolerance, we recommend that users pay attention to the official quarterly/annual report.

Financials Intelligent Algorithm Functions List🔍

01. Revenue

02. Earnings before interest and tax

03. Net Income

04. Property, Plant, and Equipment

05. Total Receivables

06. Cash and short-term Investments

07. Cash & Cash Quivalents

08. Total Liability

09. Working Capital

10. Total Debt

11. Total Equity

12. Retained Earnings

13. Total Asset

14. Cash From Operating Activities

15. Income before extraordinary items

16. Total depreciation and amortization

17. Free Cash Flow

18. Altman Z-score

19. Cash to Debt Ratio

20. Current Ratio

21. Debt to Assets Ratio
22. Debt to Equity ratio
23. EBITDA Margin
24. Free Cash Flow Margin
25. Grahams Number
26. Net Margin
27. Price Book Ratio
28. Piotroski-F Score
29. Quick Ratio
30. Return on Assets
31. Return on Equity
32. Return on Invested Capital
33. Float Shares Outstanding
34. Total Common Shares Outstanding
35. Cash to Revenue
36. Cash to Market Capital
37. Cash to Debt

38. Receivable Turnover

39. Quality of Earning

40. Market Capital

Practical 📝

Statement Review Helper

3 Years Financial Evaluation Tracking

8 Type Financial Evaluation

Case Study - Make Right Decision 📍

📈 How to make the right investment or trend trading decision based on our evaluation

Avoid mid/long term invest in companies with poor financial evaluation, this only suite for trend trading. The below following assessments need to be focused.

  • Comprehensive rating is poor or below.

  • Quality of Earning is very poor or below.

  • Receivability is very poor or below (Total Receivable is too high)

Case Study 1 (Before):  Poor Financial Strength with revenue growth

Case Study 1 (After):  The price dropped by about -80% within 2 months

Case Study 2 (Before):  Poor Financial Strength with revenue growth

Case Study 2 (After):  The price dropped by about -90% within 1 year

Case Study 3(Before): Excellent Financial Strength

Case Study 3 (After): Steady Growth

Case Study 4:Steady Growth