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MYTRIC Challenge

Mytric Challenge Program come with 2 steps, namely Learning Stage and Mission Stage. This program not only can lower down the entry level for everyone by giving affordable price, but also can make sure everyone use Mytric Indicators properly, and achieve consistently profit in the end.

Whoever complete our challenge will be entitled to our rewards, your membership access will upgrade from 1 month to 6 months.

Evaluation Step

Here's where we evaluate your challenge


Learning Stage

In first stage, challenger need to learn everything regarding Mytric Indicators.


Mission Stage

In this stage, challenger will need to complete a mission which is about to publish your review or impression after learning stage on your social media within the timeframe.


6 Months Access

Congratulations, you are complete the challenge and successfully  unlock your rewards.Your membership access will be upgraded from 1 month to 6 months now.

Why MYTRIC Challenge?


Beginner Friendly

Most of the beginners start with low capital, while Mytric Challenge provide afforadable price to lower down entry level for beginner.


Rewards for Hardwork

We appreciate people who put efforts and hardwork, therefore we give rewards for whoever complete the challenge by offering Mytric Challenge.


Free Trial

If you are still not sure, you have the option to try our indicator completely for free. The free trial will have full access for you to do own test.


Earn Extra Income

You can earn extra commission up to 30% by attach your unique affiliate link on your review post.


Learning Process

Learning process make sure everyone to get 95% of correct rate while using Mytric Indicator with Golden Rules applied.


Enhance Experience

This program can help Mytric enhance service and skills based on user's review from the challange program.

Comparison Table

See what's the difference between Challenge Program and Premium.

Access Mytric Challange in 3 Easy Steps


Create a TradingView Account


Purchase Mytric Challenge


Follow Mytric Golden Rules to trade

Your Trading Navigator

If you are ready, accept our Mytric Challenge and be our member. Let Mytric guide you the most correct trading path. You can even try our indicators completely free of charge if you're not yet ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What I will get from Mytric Challenge?

You will get 1 month membership access for 4 selected Mytric Premium Indicators, Learning Procedure, Challenge and Rewards (Upon Completion). 

Click here to full details.

How to join Mytric Challenge Program?

Simple, just purchase it via our membership area. Once the payment completed, we will grant you Mytric Premium Indicators access on TradingView, and send you the full guide on how to complete the challenge.

How to get the challenge rewards?

Challenge rewards will automatically assign to you once we verified that you have complete the challenge.

How long is the evaluation process?

Evaluation process is 1 month, you may complete it anytime as long as no exceed the timeframe given.

What if I fail the challenge program?

You will not be entitled for our rewards, but you still can have membership access for 1 month till end. You are welcome to retry again if you failed.

Why Mytric Challenge don't have full access on all Mytric Premium Indicators?

Mytric Challenge is mainly designed for beginner, therefore Mytric only provided 4 selected indicators that best suit with beginners to prevent confusion.


 Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions above the program via or WhatsApp