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What is Mytric Indicator?


There are total of 6 type of Mytric Indicators, while 1 type still under development. Below are the indicator list:

  1. Financial Intelligent Evaluation 

  2. Dt Smart Trend Indicator

  3. Bull Bear Momentum Indicator

  4. ​Market Dashboard

  5. Banker Chips Turnover & Divergence Index

  6. Chart Pattern Recognition  (Coming Soon)

  • Development of this toolkit is to understanding information provided by the market in depth before trading.

  • The main reason for losing money or not being profitable is that you do not understand the information given by the market.


  • If you master the information given by the market, the number of losses will be greatly reduce.

  • We composed a lot of algorithms and mathematic module and innovative quant-based indicators, to provide endless possibilities and meet all trading styles.

9 Type of Market Info📊

Our toolkit works in global trading market and any indices, through algorithms we extract 9️⃣ major information in the market. Which 9️⃣ major market info are include :

1️⃣Overall Trend                                                                            

  • Know whether overall market trend is bullish or bearish​

2️⃣Trend Phase                                                                               

  • Know what is the current trend phase - uptrend, rest, pull-back and downtrend​

3️⃣Demand & Supply                                                              

  • Algorithm based on demand & supply theory​

​4️⃣Price Risk                                                                                      

  • Know whether the price is safe or not, is there any accumulation or distribution​

5️⃣Game Theory                                                                             

  • Know whether buyer and seller momentum, which side lead the market​

6️⃣Banker Chips                                                                             

  • Know whether the price have any insider movement & unusual activities or not

7️⃣Chart Pattern Meaning                                                        (Coming Soon)

  • Auto recognizing chart pattern and predict the price movement​

8️⃣Business Model (Stocks)                                (Temporarily Not Provided)

  • Analysis what kind of business model the company is, and it's prospect​

​9️⃣Companies Financial Health (Stocks)                  

  • Auto evaluate company's fundamentals and financial strength

​​Each indicators provide different market info respectively. You will be able to master all key market info with combination of all MYTRIC indicators, which endow you the ability to think independently in the market, help you buy low sell high easily, say goodbye from rig-pulls behaviour.

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