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MYTRIC Market Dashboard🔍


Market Dashboard is 1 of the Mytric Indicator tools kit. The purpose of this indicator is for displaying the most relevant data from all of our features in real time in a simple info on the chart.

What Market Information You Will Get 🔎

1. Global Market Emotion Dashboard 🤑😃😐😩😱

What is the Market Emotion? Market emotion calculated based on global VIX or Fear & Greed Index.


Investors are driven by two emotions: fear & greed. Too much fear😩😱 can sink stocks well below where they should be. When investors get greedy😃🤑, they can bid up stock prices way too far.


So what emotion is driving the market now? Fear and Greed Index in our MYTRIC Dashboard makes it clear.
Emoji below to show the market emotion level.

😱 Extreme Fear
😩 Fear
😐 Neutral
😃 Greed
🤑 Extreme Greed

2. Individual Market Dashboard

  • 🐮Bullish / Buyer Momentum & 🐻Bearish / Seller Momentum

  • Real-time statistics of the strength and activity rate between buyers and sellers.

3. Trend Phase

Measure real-time trend phase for particular market.

4. Volume Info

Measure real-time trend phase for particular market.

  • Measure trend of real-time volume, can be used for volume price analysis.

  • The advantage of volume price analysis able to predict next trend.

  • For any details of volume and price analysis, you may refer to public info in Google.

Case Study📚

English Ver.


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