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MYTRIC Technical Indicator

without any investing experience, also can

Buy at Rise Point, Sell at Drop Point!


 What make MYTRIC difference? 

Why choose MYTRIC?

​Ready, setup, go

Incredible accuracy.
Incredibly simple.

DT Smart Phone EN.png

Market Translator​

Master all market info
in a second.

Precise Positioning

Trading Market GPS

Buy & Sell Momentum

Mastering when does
market ups and downs

Keep the notify

You' wont missed out, no matter where you are.


Accuracy Signals

Follow indicator, rookie also win.

Smart Signal

The signal is calculated by combination of trend analysis + game theory buy sell momentum (Leading + Lagging).

90% above accuracy.

Non-repainted Buy & Sell Signals

Ready to use, no need work with multiple indicators.

技术 - 市场解说


Market Translator

Can't read market? We translate it.

With MYTRIC indicator, you will receive all translated market information & data ---- What is the current trend in different term period? What is current market emotion? Completely understand the movement of market, and you will be able to know whether the current price is lead by buyer or seller, is there any accumulation or distribution.

Ability to think independently, say goodbye to rug-pull.

Master all the information you need in global market.

Tell you where got accumulation or distribution.

Grey Limbo


Precise Positioning

Your market's GPS.
Navigate the right trading position.

Dt Smart Trend - mainly analysis in Overall Trend, Price Risk (Demand & Supply), and Trend Phase in different term of period. To tell you all the risk you will meet, and provide endless possibilities to meet all of the trading styles.(Refer photo above for 3 types of analysis usage.)

Predict reversal signals for different trend cycles.

Know whether got accumulation or distribution

No more buy low, sell high, avoid trading in wrong trend period and position.



Buyer vs Seller

​Grasp who lead the market at a glance

Bull Bear Momentum - with composed of algorithm based on market game theory and demand & supply to precisely grashp the real momentum between buyer and seller, whether is buyer or seller active, is there any accumulation or distribution, so that you will know when the price will uptrend, rest, pull-back and downtrend.

Know when trend reversal occur.

Know buyer & seller active or inactive.

Master the timing of price's uptrend, rest, pull-back and downtrend.


Automated Alert

Automatic alert to your device Set your time free.

Now your devices or smart watch will receive latest info automatically, you won't missed out the best timing no matter where you are.

Buy sell signals

Breakout or rips-off alert

Market trend reversal alert

技术 - 提醒功能
Market Dashboard EN


Market Dashboard

​Market Emotion & Info

By combination all info from MYTRIC indicator, develop this dashboard to summarise the market condition.

Global & Cryto Market Emotion

Buyer & Seller Activity (Bull&Bear)

Trend Phase & Strength Analysis

技术 - 市场仪表盘
Grey Limbo

Free Trial Indicator

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技术 - 领取免费试用
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