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Financial Intelligent Evaluation

Financial Intelligent Evaluation

without any investment knowledge, also can

20s Auto Analyze Stock's Fundamentals

No need

wait Remisier or Guru teach or guide you

What are Financial Intelligent Evaluation Indicator?

What is the difference between us and ordinary corporate fundamentals analysis ?

FIE Indicator is an Auto Fundamental Analysis Tool For Investor

YES! FIE Indicator was created so that investor like you, who aren't financial specialist and who do know how to analyze stock, can easily get company's fundamentals, make a right investment decision, improve your earning rate
Let me show you how to do it:

20s Auto Analyse 3-Years to Latest Company Financial Report (So that you no need analyse yourself)

List down all company's weakness & problem, avoid buying bad stock or company.

24 Hours Global Market Available. You can analyse anytime at anywhere. (No longer miss the golden opportunity to buy stocks)


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Make the right investment decision

Global Stock Market

Corporate Financial Evaluation

Screen Good & Bad Companies

Statement Review Helper

Why do you need FIE Indicator?

Give All You Need in Fundamental Analysis In One Convenient Spot

Yes, FIE Indicator Give You The Tools & Answer that you need in analyze company, judge the companies's fundamentals and performances.

Understand the company's various capabilities and financial reporting issues in one click

All test expression, avoid confusion from reading those financial numbers

Personalized Adjustment Setting, each evaluation come with details explanation.

Avoid from buying suspended of accounting fraud company.

Deciding investment or speculation strategies faster without wating for advice from your remisier or guru.

Intelligent Evaluation

Corporate Financial Statement

20s Fundamental Analysis

Step 1

Auto Calculate Corporate's

3 Years Fnancial Evaluation

Available in Global Stock Market

24 Hours Hassle Free Analysis

Speed up your investment decisions

  • Basic Financial Info Included

  • Evaluate Company's Financial Strength & Improvement

Eng Ver

Statement Review Helper

Remark Company's Weakness

Step 2

Direct remark what is the weakness or problem that company facing now

Save lots of time to check hundred pages of financial report.

  • Bilingual (English & Chinese)

  • Notes provided: Corporate Weakness, what does you need to pay attention on.

  • Remark where you can find the problem from Financial report

Good Company

Company Keep Growing

Stock Price also keeps rising,

suitable for long-term investment

Buy & Sell

Investment Decision

Through Step 1 & 2

Quickly understand corporate's performance

Easier to make right investment decision

Company with Good finances

Suitable for medium & long-term investment

Company with Poor finances

Only suitable for short-term speculation

You can also use this method

Avoid buying company that may

suspected of account fraud

​(Ex: Companies with poor

Quality of Earning and Receivability


Friendly Personalization:

Adjustable Option


Eng/Cn Option

​Font Size Adjustment

Various options included appearance, language, position, explanation...

No matter you're newbie or pro

Each evaluation and function included

Details descriptionno need Google

  • Bilingual(English & Chinese)

  • Eval Function On/Off Option

  • ​Adjustable Table Position and Size

  • Included detailed instruction and description


Bottom Fishing Indicator

A tool that provide you signal where to buy at lower price with high rebound probability!

Auto Signal Alert

Non-Repainted Indicator

Suit for value-investing to find best buy timing.


Complete Data of Financial Report

If you need full report data for own analysis, kindly refer to TradingView which got free provide complete financial report for user.

If you're not yet a TradingView user, kindly click the button below for free registration!


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Warren Buffett:

Rule No.1,Never lose money;

Rule No.2:Never forget rule No.1"

Choose Good Fundamentals Company

Does not necessarily make you money,

But it will definitely keep you from losing money

You may think that,

Too Good To be True

20s Auto Analyse?

And lots of benefits mentioned above

I know you may not believe it

So we decided to let you try yourself

Is it really that good

You'll know after using it yourself!

Trial Period: 7 Days

Free Trial

Technical Indicator

Bull Bear Momentum

Buy at rise point, sell at drop point.


Dt Smart Trend

1 Indicator, 9 Market Info + Signals 

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