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Your Trading Navigator

The first-ever quantitative based indicator in the World, make it easy for everyone to interpret the market and make profit. 

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Avg correct rate that make the right buy & sell position



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What is Mytric?

World first-ever quant's based indicator, be your first trading navigator.

Discover Insider Movement From Bankers, Avoid From Rug-Pull

Analyze Supply & Demand,
Follow Market Convergence

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Master Global Market Sentiment, Safe From Crisis

Catch The Trend,
Master Every Risk Before You Trade

Smart Eval of 8 Type Abilities, Avoid Suspicion of Account Fraud

How does it work?

You will get lost without a map, just like trade without MYTRIC you will "loss" and "lost".

Step 1

Step 3

Step 2

Step 4

Get Mytric Indicators or redeem free trials.

Learn and follow Mytric Golden rules to reduce all risk when trading.

Learn Mytric Indicator basic info & instruction.

Start earning with 95% of correct rate to make consistently profit.

Get Access

Small Challenge, Big Reward.




MYTRIC Indicators
Full Access

  • Financial Intelligent Eval

  • Dt Smart Trend

  • Bull Bear Momentum

  • Mytric Dashboard

  • Banker Chips Turnover

Challenge Program

6 Months

Extend from 1 Month to

Accept Challenge
Complete within a month &
Unlock your reward

  • Study, Think, and Impression

  • Complete all the task

  • T&C Applied

Key Highlights

Beginner Friendly

Most of the beginners start with low capital, while Mytric Challenge provide affordable price to lower down entry level for beginner.

Free Trial

If you are still not sure, you have the option to try our indicator completely for free. The free trial will have full access for you to do own test.

Learning Process

Learning process make sure everyone to get 95% of correct rate while using Mytric Indicator with Golden Rules applied.

Mytric Partner Program

Let's help everyone to reduce risk and make some profit together.


up to:

per sales

High Commission

You get up to 45% recurring commission for every referral sales.

Monthly Income

Get paid every month from all referral sales directly to your paypal.

60-Days Cookies

Referrals that sign up within 60 days will be assigned to you forever.

Our Testimonials


Alex Shan

"You guys really should have a try!"

I saw and tried lots of method of how to find big bull trend on youtube or tiktok, none of them really work except Mytric and their Golden Rules. I learnt what Mytric guide me, follow their golden rules and end up I able to find the big bull trend now!

Really recommend everyone to have a try, I also decided to join them after I took the free trial and found out that they are not scammers.


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​Your Trading Navigator

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